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Fenner Construction Inc. is a versatile practice that has earned a cross-country reputation for design build excellence and an exemplary professional culture. Founded in 1992 as a modest construction company, the Los Angeles-based firm has assembled a team that has mastered building types ranging in scale from custom homes, to large scale commercial developments and government facilities. Our team also specializes in one-of-a-kind unique projects, which we transform from concept to reality through research, strategy, innovation with our design, and most importantly the building process itself.   

Widely recognized Fenner Inc.’s design and build philosophy starts with a profound respect for a building's inhabitants, as well as how our structures will best fit in the surrounding environment, thus maintaining our green status. This humanistic approach, has defined our practices since the beginning, informing every creation and every interaction. 

Throughout all stages of the building process we stand at the foreground. Fenner Construction Inc. delivers the quality our clients deserve. The ambition to create soundly built, ascetically pristine spaces, along with the desire to facilitate an authentic community culture is driven by the distinctions of site, climate, and the inspiration derived from project and client alike. A fierce work ethic prevails, it’s shown in our timeliness, our unique phase by phase planning, and our overall reputation. This work ethic supports our exclusive sub-contractors and partnering architects to challenge norms, and be creative. Fenner Construction also provides consulting, and owner representation. In the end a multicultural and modern Fenner Construction Inc. is serious about the practice of designing and building, both physical structures, and the lasting relationships we have with our clients. Below you will find an brief outlined overview of our services:

  • Architecture, Design and Consulting
    • Architecture design and detail designs
    • Design recommendations and functionality review
    • Control Cost and incorporate Value Engineering recommendations
    • Project Consulting
    • Project Management
    • Quality Control & Inspection
    • Owner Representative for discreet clients
  • Construction & Development
    • Residential
      • Custom Specified Homes - High Quality
      • Residential Housing Developments
      • Complete Remodels and Renovation of Custom Homes
    • Commercial
      • Build-to-Suit:  Office, Warehouse, Retail, Manufacturing
      • Tenant Improvements / Remodels
      • New Building Structures
    • Industrial
      • Specialty Designed Projects
      • Hazardous Locations
    • Specialty Construction
      • Architectural Lighting Design
      • Low Voltage System Design
      • Fire Alarm & Life Safety Systems
      • Engineered Fire Suppression Systems
      • Electrical Distribution Systems and Upgrades
      • Emergency Generators and Battery Backup Systems

We love hearing from you. If you have any questions, or press inquiries please feel free to contact us.